Biennale Cinema 2019 – The Scuola Grande della Misericordia hosting the Pedro Almodóvar Golden Lion party for Lifetime Achievement. Last August 29th, we had the pleasure and honor of hosting the gala party organized by Warner Bros and Prada for Pedro Almodóvar, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement 2019. Large hearts composed of red and pink hydrangeas and roses, adorned the entire location from the red carpet to the entrance. While against the background of the hall frescoed by the Veronese school, colorful vintage furnishings and pictures taken from frames of the director’s films, they catapulted guests into Almodòvar-style film sets. Many illustrious guests present at the event: Joaquin Phoenix (star of the film “Joker”, Golden Lion 2019 ) and Rooney Mara, Monica Bellucci, Valeria Golino, Miuccia Prada, Stacy Martin, Anthony Mackie and the godmother of the Mostra del Cinema, Alessandra Mastronardi.