Designing the Complexity


Designing the Complexity:

Materials, Colors, Textures

from the 27th of May till the 27th of June 2016

From 10 till 18. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Free Entry.


Along with Oikos and Marco Piva in Venice, coinciding with the opening of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, “Designing the Complexity – Materials Colors Textures” will be inaugurated, which addresses the theme of the project as the research process and aesthetic and functional invention. Designing the complexity is a project that aligns perfectly with Oikos that, for decades, works by anticipating the development trend to offer chromatic, innovative, and creative solutions for an important segment like places of everyday life. The company through the use of color, the green matter elaborating the concepts of hospitality and searching for the best solutions to offer well-being in places of living, combining sustainability, design and service to the theme exclusivity and tailor-made in Italy.

The historic vocation to complete sustainability guarantees that Oikos provides its partners. A vision complemented by creative thinking, going through a relationship between light, color and material to arrive to “The Sense of Matter.” The project foresees the recovery of production to achieve new chromatic solutions with the reuse of waste, thus offering a second life, confirming the sensibility to the highest concern for sustainability and well-being of everyday places. The location is the palace of the New School of Santa Maria of Misericordia, building attributed to Sansovino, newly returned to the city after the renovation. The exhibition will be developed on the ground floor room, divided into three aisles by twin columns, while upstairs, in the vast hall, you will see the frescoes painted by the school of Paolo Veronese.

The exhibition process starts from the main theme of Architecture, presented “in action” through 6 video installations that tell the world of the Studio Marco Piva design, each one focusing on individual aspects related to the creation of an architectural work. The read route begins by proposing the visions of the concept phase, project development, selection of materials, technical design and construction phases up till the final result.